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At Ptc sites the process of earning real cash is as simple as browsing the internet--which you are already doing! You will earn cash for every link you click, for every site you join through a PTC site. In addition to that, they will also pay you a percentage of your referrals' earnings!

If you want to earn a good amount on these paid to click websites and reach payouts faster, the first thing you will have to do is to click the advertisings every day. If you miss days you will probably get bored of the site and leave them at half way to payout, also they will delete or reset your account if you are inactive for a certain amount of days. On some of these sites you can upgrade to a premium account to access more advertisements, there are currently 2-3 times (min.) more ads available for you to make extra money.

The best way to make big amounts of money is with direct referrals, the more refferals you have the more you can make.

For instant payout you have to have a PayPal account; however, some sites do not pay through PayPal, therefore your earnings are sent to your mailing address. They must enforce this policy to combat multiple accounts who would rob you of clix availabe and the advertisers of their advertising dollars.

What kind of Paid To Click website should I join?

Depends on how much you want get paid and the time you want to spend per day.

I tried 3 diffrent PTC sites (free to joy) to show you how they work.

Cost Per Click
Time per 1 ad
30 sec.
10 sec.
30 sec.

This is what I got for working 14 days by myself


So, now you can see that if you want to reach payouts faster, you have to referral people and maybe upgrade your account.

From my experience I got most of refferals on site #2

At the end, you can try it too, lets make same money.

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